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Our Experience

Brian A. Mills, P.A. provides strategies and assistance in government affairs and business development for businesses and organizations, Family Office clients, and high net worth individuals (HNWI) throughout the state of Florida. After over fifteen years of experience assisting clients in the traditional role of practices and venues, we decided to alter direction. Utilizing our experience in real estate, government, and corporate practice, we revamped from a standard general practice to a firm structured  to provide exclusive, bespoke legal solutions to a select clientele. Whether its drafting partnership agreements for projects in foreign countries, securing land rights, or  pursuing policy change in government circles, we strive to provide you exemplary service.

Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify your issues and opportunities, with an analysis of your strategic needs that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We work on monthly retainer and value-based flat fees, to provide you with definitive cost predictions while ensuring our attention is focused on results and not on  billable hours.

Why Us?

Our business is based on long-term relationships - that's why we are choosy about our clients.  We do not advertise, and our clients come to us as referals from other firms, current or prior clients, or one of our many strategic partnerships. This allows us to focus our attention on you and on those unique needs you require. Together, we'll plot a course of action and execute on your behalf. 

Our Services

Government Affairs & Business Development

Brian A. Mills, P.A. provides Public Affairs, Government, and Business Development services for you to identify business and organizational challenges and opportunities. We then develop strategic, economic, and pragmatic solutions. We do this by interviewing you to gain a thorough understanding of your goals, stakeholders and sensitivities, and budgetary requirements. We then develop and implement strategies to advance your objectives. 

Our capabilities include direct advocacy, connectivity, legislative monitoring and real time reporting, as your needs dictate. We formulate plans with you for the next steps to be taken, and identify the appropriate decision-maker, whether they be elected officials, executive agencies, or regulatory departments. 

General Counsel

Brian A. Mills, P.A. operates as an external legal counsel for businesses, organizations, Family Office clients, and high net-worth individuals and investors without in-house lawyers or in-house legal teams. In addition, we act as your agent in key business development opportunities; seeking out long-term value for you from potential or current customers, markets, and relationships.    

We provide continuous availability through our General Counsel Subscription Plan, or by as-needed services. We can address a particular issue or legal question, or provide a thorough legal review of your entire business. We can also assist internal legal staff to provide a full-service legal team.  

Our experience has involved:

Ad Valorem Tax

Alcohol and Beverage Control Licensing 

Business Formation and Governance

Commercial Real Estate

Contracts in Domestic and Foreign Markets

Zoning and Land Use Permits 

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